Woods Indoor 24 Hour Mechanical 125V Outlet Timer 2 Pack White 50006WD



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Convenient 2-pack. Timers are handy to have around the home, saves money by only running lights and appliances when needed. Just set the timer to turn the appliance On and Off on the best schedule for your household. Kids and teens can forget to turn Off lights, setting a light on a timer eliminates that problem. And setting an entry lamp on a timer gives your home a lived-in look when you aren’t home and a welcome home light when you return after dark. Use with dehumidifiers, air purifiers, aquarium lights, white noise machines, and so much more. 24 separate settings are available each day and the cycle repeats every 24 hours. NEVER-LOSE pins mean the pins can’t fall out and become lost. 2 conductor outlet. 125V AC (alternating current), 60 Hz (hertz). 15A (ampere)/1875W Resistive, 8A/1000W Tungsten, 5A ballast.