UltraLube Eco-Safe White Lithium Grease Lubricant Cartridge 14 Oz 10308



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White lithium grease is recommended for general automotive, farm, and industrial equipment use. NLGI #2. Dropping point 338 deg. F./ 170 deg. C. Base type: Lithium. Do not mix greases of different soap types. Biobased lubricants are manufactured from U.S.A. grown renewable, biodegradable, vegetable oils which have a naturally higher viscosity index. This means that biobased oil is less likely to thin down at high temperatures providing reduced overall operating temperatures and a higher degree of lubrication safety, especially in high speed applications. Biobased lubricants have 4 times the natural lubricity of petroleum. This translates to less friction, less heat, and less wear. Biobased lubricants are safer for you, your health, and the environment. designed to replace and mix readily with conventional petroleum products to help you and your customers use safer and more environmentally friendly lubricants.

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