Thompson’s Waterseal Fabric Waterproofing Sealer Spray 11.5 Oz. TH.010502-18



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Provides maximum strength waterproofing protection for outdoor and indoor fabric surfaces such as patio cushions, pillows, and umbrellas. Contains UV inhibitors in order to resist color fading caused by the sun. Penetrates below the surface to protect against moisture damage without leaving surfaces discolored, stiff, or sticky. Prevents water damage, repels spills and stains, and allows fabric to breathe. Do not use on suede, delicate leathers, carpeting, or surfaces subject to foot traffic. To apply, hold can in upright position 6″ to 8″ from surface. Spray liberally and evenly over entire surface. Do not saturate. If applying to upholstery, avoid heavy saturation into cushioning. 2 coats are recommended. Allow a drying time of 4 hour between coats. To maintain waterproofing, reapply after every cleaning. Reapply annually. Allow 34 hour of drying time before exposing to moisture. Covers 60 sq ft per 11.5 oz depending on the condition and porosity of the surface. Refer to directions for use and preparation. 11.5 oz aerosol.

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