Natural Magic Odor Absorb Gel Scentillating Citrus 14 OZ 4119D



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Natural Magic scented gel products are NOT just room fresheners that cover up odors with perfumes – they work hard to actually absorb and neuturalize unpleasant odors. Natural Magic scents are specially formulated to be light, fresh, and clean smelling. They are not heavy perfumes that can annoy people or pets. Work 24 hours a day, no constant spraying, no cumbersome attachments. Simply open lid, remove freshness seal, and replace the lid. Will work for up to 90 days, depending on temperature and airflow. Use for litter boxes, pet odors, stale cooking smells, musty, mildew smells, closets, diaper pails, storage areas, bathrooms, cars, RV, paint fumes, garbage cans, boats, vacation homes, and locker rooms.

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