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Quickly and easily renews the beauty of interior hardwood floors that are dull, scratched or show signs of wear. Stronger and more durable than a polish. Reviver is a topcoat that restores shine and provides a layer of protection to any unwaxed, polyurethane-finished floor. It is NOT designed for use on floors that are in very poor condition that have damage or large areas where the finish is worn away. Refer to polyurethane for floors to resurface damaged wood floors. Apply with a damp painter’s pad or synthethic applicator with long handle. The water-based formula is easy to clean-up and dries to touch in 2-3 hours and 24 hours for normal use. Packaged in a squirt quart bottle for easy application. Covers approximately 175 to 225 sq. ft. per quart. Size: Quart.

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