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Lysol automatic toilet bowl cleaner complete clean tabs is the only toilet bowl cleaner that delivers antibacterial protection molded into the hang-up hook to resist odor-causing bacteria. No more touching of germy, dirty hooks each time you replace. The average tablet lasts 4 weeks. Concentrated cleaning soap tab dissolves over the 4 week period to deliver fresh clean scent and powerful cleaning agents to keep your bowl Lysol clean and fresh with every flush. Comes in a handy 2-pack for up to 8 weeks of clean toilet bowls. The flexible hang-up hook adjusts to fit any type of bowl rim possible. The best place for the tab to hang is towards the back of the bowl to the right of center, not in the direct path of the bowl refill water to prevent splashing, but still in touch with bowl refill water to clean with every flush. 2-pack.

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