Hi-Yield 2 4-D Selective Weed Killer Concentrate 1 Gallon 21416



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Will kill or control many broadleaf weeds and other noxious plants susceptible to 2, 4-D. For use in lawns, ponds, drainage, ditchbanks, pastures, and rangelands. Kills or controls alder, American lotus, arrowhead, artichoke, aster, austrain fieldcress, beggartick, biden, bindweed, bitterweeds, bitter winter cress, blessed thistle, blue lettuce, boxelder, broomweed, buckhorn, bull thistle, bulrush, burdock, dandelion, dogbane, duckweed, elderberry, fleabane (daisy), flixweed, frenchweed, galinsoga, goatsbeard, goldenrod, ground ivy, and many others listed on label. Active ingredient: Dimethylamine salt of 2,4-dichlorophenoxyacetic acid.

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