Great Stuff Window / Door Polyurethane Insulating Foam Sealant 12 Oz



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Polyurethane foam sealant exclusively formulated to air-seal the gap between the window or door, and its rough opening. Low-pressure formula sprayed into rough opening expands to fill gap, and will not buckle or bow window or door frames. Soft pliable yellow foam is easy-to-remove if gap is overfilled. Complements energy efficiency of window or door by providing a permanent weather-tight air seal, reducing heating and cooling costs. Foam repels water and prevents wood rot and other weather related problems associated with moisture. One 12 oz. can will foam up to 4 average sized residential windows (36″ x 60″, 3/8″ wide gap, 1″ deep). Conforms to ASTM standards. 12 oz. can Great Stuff window and door foam with dispensing apparatus.

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