Concrobium Mold / Mildew Control Cleaner Protection 1 Gallon 025-001



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Odorless and colorless Concrobium Mold Control eliminates existing mold problems and leaves surfaces with an invisible antimicrobial shield that prevents new mold growth. Contains no ammonia, bleach, or VOCs and is EPA-registered and Health Canada approved. Ideal for household mold clean up and prevention, pretreating building materials during construction, eliminating mold problems found during renovation, ensuring mold prevention following flooding or water damage, and gets rid of musty smells. Works on drywall, concrete, wood, masonry, siding, shingles, stone, grout, plastic, tile and mayny more surfaces. Ideal for basements, bathrooms, laundry rooms, attics, closets, garages, windows, car interiors, boat interiors and RVs. Effective on hard and fabric surfaces. Odorless and colorless. Can be fogged to treat large, inaccessible areas.

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