Citrus Magic Solid Air Freshener / Odor Absorber – Linen 8 oz



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Citrus Magic solid air freshener magically absorbs bad odors and freshens the air. naturally. Using a unique formula that utilizes activated charcoal, Citrus Magic quickly absorbs foul odors and freshens the air, etc. Place in musty closets to freshen clothes, on the counter to give that just cleaned fragrance to bathrooms, and under the car seat to keep your vehicle showroom fresh. Also ideal for use near the cat litter box or placed around the basement to remove that unpleasant damp, musty smell place. Use it all round the house to create a totally fresh living environment. Long-lasting dual action: Natural citrus freshens the air, and activated charcoal absorbs odors. provides convenient, continuous odor control that lasts 6 to 8 weeks. Size: 8 oz. solid. Pure linen scent.

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